First name, family name: Liudmila Šmelkina

Languages: Lithuanian, English, and Russian.




Date [from – to]


Diplomas and Certificates

1968 to 1974

Moscow Power Engineering Institute

M.A. in electric engineering


University of Cambridge,
Local Examinations Syndicate

First Certificate in English

Other skills:

Personal computer: Windows, Outlook Express, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, and Excel.



Fields of business:

Self-employment under the business certificates issued by  the State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania, contracting with legal entities and private customers, cooperation with translation agencies: UAB Magistrai, UAB Vertimo Namai, UAB Okas Language Solutions, UAB Panglos, UAB Baltijos Vertimai, UAB Finreda, UAB Vertimai, UAB Lingvistai , and other agencies.


Occupational life:

from 1995 to the present day.


Professional experience in a translation field:

Dates [from – to]


2008 to the present day

Self-employment under the business certificate issued by the State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania

1995 to 2015

ARONTA, L. Šmelkina Personal Enterprise, self-employment as a freelancer under the business license and the business certificate issued by the State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania


More about my past:


1992 - 1995

Fuel Apparatuses Company, Marketing Department, a manager

1982 - 1992

Specialized Design-and-Technological Bureau for Automation Means, an engineer

1980 - 1982

Special Design Bureau for Computers, an engineer

1974 - 1980

Scientific-Research Institute for Radio-Measuring Apparatuses, an engineer