I spare no effort in keeping confidential any information supplied by customers. I am fully aware how important the information is. Therefore I closely follow the guidelines for protection of undisclosed information given by a customer or as set forth in a confidentiality agreement. That is exactly why I do not present examples of translations on this website.


Measures for preservation of information confidentiality consist of:

  • Confidentiality agreements made with customers

  • Returning to a customer its translation material as printed material or on any other carriers or the destruction of this material by means of a paper shredder right away after handing in the material translated

  • Elimination of information from all carriers, both electronic and printed, upon customer instructions immediately after finishing translation.


These measures ensure the preservation and non-dissemination of confidential information disclosed for translation.


When you transfer to me your business or legal documentation, corporative correspondence, and other important material for translation, you may rely on me – I will never let you down.