Translation into and from the following languages: English, Lithuanian, and Russian.




Prices vary depending on such aspects as the combination of languages, the overall scope of work, the specificity of a text, and the degree of urgency. Nevertheless, you can have a rough idea of the price of my service. To learn a price, send a message to my e-mail address or call my telephone number, and I will answer all your questions.

To estimate the price of translation, I need to see the text, so please send me the text you want to be translated. For contacting information see CONTACTS.

Prices for translation are set on a per page basis. For accounting purposes, a translation page is 1,500 characters (no spaces) or 250 words, at the translation speed between 6 to 12 pages on a really good day. When a text is translated from one language to another, the length of the source and translated text is likely to be different; therefore characters or words are counted on the final length of the target text.

Upon customer request, translations may be certified by a signature or seal of an interpreter or by a notary public who certifies the authenticity of the interpreter’s signature.

Payment for translation can be effected by a bank money order or in cash against invoices, VAT excluded as I am not a VAT payer.

Please note that the services of a freelance translator are cheaper than those of translation agencies. Additionally, direct personal interaction with me is better than relying on the translator appointed by a translation agency, who may be idle when you submitted your order.