Personal info

  • NAME: Liudmila Šmelkina
  • E-MAIL: liudmila.smelkina@gmail.com
  • PH.: +370 687 26808
  • ADDRESS: Žalgirio Str. 92, 09303 Vilnius

Translation languages: Lithuanian, English, and Russian:

  • Technical

  • Legal

  • Economics

  • Advertising

  • Commercial texts


Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Liudmila Šmelkina. I am a freelance translator, which means that I provide remote translation services. A freelancer is a self-employed person who is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

In the age of widespread information technologies, a preference is increasingly given to “remote” employees who work from home. Translation agencies who claim on their websites that their staffing level is tens, hundreds, and even thousands of translators usually have in mind freelancers, self-employed people who on their own contract orders, pay mandatory taxes, and arrange for their work places.

I have over 20 years experience in translation services. This long-term experience guarantees excellent quality of my translations (see the BIOGRAPHY).

I offer my services via the internet, although the practice has shown that ‘word of mouth marketing’, meaning the recommendation by satisfied customers to a prospective customer, is the most effective form of promotion and advertising my services.


My translations are aimed at direct individual cooperation both with corporate entities and private customers.

When translating, I attempt to deeply understand the subject of a text, follow the instructions and time limits set by a customer, search for due terms, and put emphasis on a writing style.

Whichever order you have, you always will be offered good service,  favorable  prices, and prompt translation. Additionally, please note that the services of a freelance translator are cheaper than those of a translation agency.